We all know about the upcycled denim don’ts– we’ve seen them at the flea markets, on etsy…denim tote bags with lace trims, denim panties…just verify out some of these finds on regretsy to get a taste…BUT there certainly are kenosha tv stand some denim DO’s as well… like:

This origami pillow and necklace by Julie Floerisch by means of Outsapop
These Denim Chucks initially located on Wrought Studio Ecouterre
The Poufs by Ferm-Living
And the jeans, the doggy jacket, and the bag, that we produced!
(The bag is in our book “Refashioned Bags” book, the doggy Jacket is in our book 󈭓 Ways to Reduce, Sew and Deck Out your Denim” and the jeans have been portion kenosha tv stand of our ongoing limited edition collections…

These days, denim is made use of for all sorts of issues–from property insulation to garter belts… (not kidding), sometimes walking a fine line in between a do and a don’t…
What do you think? Are you into Upcycled denim?

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