*REMINDER* If you are participating in the second edition of the STLE.PLAY.Work.SHOP club entertainment center  this is your final weekend to do your photoshoot, as all pictures for the second edition need to be uploaded in our Flickr Group on or prior to Nov. 2nd.  It’s not to late to  join the second edition either– just study these rules and ask to join this flickr group!

I can seriously say TGIF these Tommy Bahama Home days! It has been a ocean club entertainment long week considering that my pc crashed on Monday…but somehow I produced it through…and now, on a lighter and creamier note, here are my favorites from the week!

This first image has produced its rounds on the design and style blogs a bit, Tommy Bahama Home but I couldn’t ocean club entertainment assist but repost it nowadays– I imply, hangers created from chair backs? Doesn’t definitely get more up my ally than that. Aren’t they awesome? Next in line, these unisex knee-highs from Elie Kishimoto. J’adore.
Pastel club entertainment center Shoes and these cushions that I really feel like popping in my mouth with some tea…
See you quickly and have a superb Friday, got any superior weekend plans?

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