Client Server Application vs Web Application

Client/server application and net application are Red Barrel Studio two types of applications that are utilised in the globe of web. The applications that run on the client side and access the remote server is called client/server applications whereas applications that run fully on the browser are known as web applications.

Client/server application

A piece of software application that runs on the client or the user side and make requests to the server or access data from it is called client-server application. High-level languages are made use of to create these applications which contain small business logic, forms and user interface. Most applications of this sort have a database and they make queries from this database stored on the remote server.

A client-server application can be platform precise or it can also be cross platform if a cross platform programming language is applied. The benefit of working with a cross platform language is that the application appears native to the platform or the operating program of the client.

Every client-server application have to be installed on the client’s personal computer. This can be a incredibly effortless job or it might take hours to install the application as it depends on the application’s complexity, care taken by the developer while packaging it and the platform in which Red Barrel Studio it is written.

These applications can run on the user’s computer or there might be some type of VNC, Citrix or terminal server that operates with the operating program in order to supply robust, strong, easy to use and rich interface.

Net application

An application that runs fully on the user’s browser is named a internet application. An interface comparable to client-server application is provided to the user in a web application and the user interacts with in very same manner as the client-server application.

A internet application can provide the similar functionality similar to client-server application. As these applications run on the browser so they can run on any Red Barrel Studio platform or operating program getting a net browser. For example, a word processor can also be a internet application that may possibly let the customers to download data into their really hard disk drives.

Yahoo mail and Gmail consumers are examples of powerful net applications and a great deal of the sophistication is supplied by AJAX that is employed to produce extra responsive internet applications. Other examples of subsequent-gen internet applications incorporate WebEx, WebOffice, Microsoft Office Live and Google Apps.

Distinction involving client-server application and net application

• In a client-server application, the user interacts with the server through a user interface or application that is installed on the client side whereas in a web application, the user interacts with it through the internet browser.

• A client-server application must be installed on the client’s machine whereas this is not the case Red Barrel Studio with a net application as it runs on the browser only.

• Some client-server applications run only on certain platforms whereas web applications are platform independent as they only need a web browser for their working.

• Examples of client-server applications incorporate Microsoft Outlook, Red Barrel Studio Yahoo messenger, Windows Reside etc while examples of internet application are Google Apps, Gmail, Yahoo Red Barrel Studio mail and Microsoft Workplace Reside.

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