Wow! Extended day these days, as I was out art directing the photoshoot for the new Vogel ten collection for Fall. Now I’m residence and sitting on my couch catching up on points, taking a minute to peruse my preferred blogs and drinking some ice water to cool off.

I gave away a lot of calling cards these days Ophelia & Co. to all sorts of individuals that I met at the photoshoot. It is constantly exciting hearing reactions to my business enterprise cards.  Individuals constantly appear shocked at how colorful and quirky they are. I consider that is why I appreciate designing calling cards. Regardless Ophelia & Co. of whether they are for business enterprise or for pleasure, the cards have to define a complete brand in a extremely quick quantity of time, on a quite compact quantity of paper. And I do enjoy a challenge.

The above cards are two of my most recent designs for Amanda Daniels and Sole Alberti.  For a lot more of my  card styles, verify out the on the internet shop.

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