Pub crawls are no great for me this week since I’m taking antibiotics…so a blog crawl rather appears pretty proper. Now it’s my turn to make “my life an open book” thanks to the lovely Beth (of Hello, Splendor)

I am so excited to take aspect, so thanks Beth, for which includes the me and the Compai Blog in the crawl…it’s been enjoyable so far receiving to know so Mercer41 lots of new, Great blogs and bloggers throughout the crawl.  So, although we’re talking about fantastic posts, be sure to take a look at Rachel at La Bella Bungalow, kurth upholstered panel who posted yesterday, and don’t miss Erin tomorrow at Bows and Sparrows.

So here’s my open book:


That’s me! Your humble and hairful designer, Justina! My book begins out in the wine nation, in Northern California it’s just turned Spring in 1979.

It was not lengthy ahead of I realized I had a massive Sister, Faith.

And Soon thereafter, a small brother, Yeshaia.
We had been raised in Berkeley, by are psychologist parents where we learned how cool Afros were, among other issues. 


Although I grew up in the foggy kurth upholstered panel hills of Berkeley, I studied in Switerzland for two years in Jr. higher and High school. I fell in love with travel, and languages. I discovered to speak Swiss German and some French.  upholstered panel headboard I roamed all over Europe with a Classical Choir,  singing, generating out with European boys and eating very a bit of yogurt, croissants (or Gipfeli, as they’re called in Swiss German) and, CHOCOLATE.

I moved down to Los Angeles in 󈨥 to go to UCLA exactly where I studied WAC (Globe Arts and Cultures)– and then the day soon upholstered panel headboard after graduation, I moved to Italy with Faith, and stayed for 7 years.
 We studied fashion and opened a boutique for upcycled design and style pieces (Only we didn’t get in touch with it that back then)…we known as it COMPAI.
We authored our initial 2 books there.

In 2006 we moved to Willliamsburg, Brooklyn to hang with the hipsters and then in 2008, back to Cali! Now I contact LA my home. I upholstered panel headboard actually enjoy it. I reside in Los Feliz, in my Jungalow.

THE CHARACTERS (and boy are they!)
 This is my dad’s side of the Loved ones.  (I’m critical)
 And this is my mom’s kurth upholstered panel (once again, I’m really serious)
Now you almost certainly comprehend why I’m so obsessed with double rainbows. 
And then there are ma girls….
And ma boyz…
and whew! That’s a lot of characters…
We’re all attempting to figure out what the f#@k upholstered panel headboard we’re carrying out here, and how to make is as rad as attainable for ourselves, and those who will come following us…
The twist will come, when I make a decision to kurth upholstered panel have a family members of my own. Then who knows how I’m going to balance all of these settings, plots, characters and blog posts into a neat little storybook? Properly, probabilities are, I’m not.  But that’s OK… as my dear buddy Shannon says “Whatever it is, it’s gonna be interesting.”
Ok. go on. You can crawl away now. 

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