These of you who know me effectively, now that I Really like palm trees. They are all more than my Jungalow, and I can’t inform you how considerably I missed seeing the palms when I was in Italy and New square arms sleeper York for ten years. I was scouring google image for a lot more palmly goodness (like palm leaf wallpaper and throw pillows) when I saw a single of these pictures. Curious by the sheer beauty of what to me looked like etched wooden boxes, I discovered these gorgeous, ancient palm leaf manuscripts that are from varied parts of Asia and date back to the 15th century BCE (and possibly earlier).

According to my homie, Wikipedia, they were made use of to record myths and narratives– so in Latitude Run other words, they are super ancient story books. I, for a single, feel that they are gorgeous, and would adore a book in this format, let alone on palm leaves!

Photos via Columbia University and square arms sleeper Wikipedia

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