Da-rool. This week I came across some stuff that I may essentially have to start out saving up for.
Something by Bokja, but especially that fanned really like seat. (Their web page is adorable, as well).
The red, geometric blanket by way of Cursive Style.
These insane pom-pom yumyums by Sonia Rykiel found here.
The two folded quilts are from ABC Dwelling
The light marbled leather cutest small Hmong Jacket, found by way of marbled leather pouf Loveology

I hope you all have a relaxing weekend!
Also, if you get a chance, pop of over to the beautiful blog “Of Peacocks and Paisleys,”  Gagan, the author of the blog has accomplished such a sweet, enjoyable belted poof and flattering marbled leather pouf write up of the Jungalow and Offish… I’m super humbled by all of her Global Views type words– and flattered to be featured on her blog that is alway jam-packed with delicate, warm and beautiful images.

OK, I’m off- gotta get the banana bread outta the oven!

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