Of vs For in English Grammar

Considering that of and for are prepositions that are Charlton Home normally interchanged by quite a few, it is important to know the difference amongst of and for in English grammar, if we are to use them accurately. Prepositions are always present and usually utilised in a sentence. The words of and for are also two of the most generally employed prepositions. Of and for are used to signify a partnership amongst objects or subjects. Apart from becoming employed as prepositions, there are a quantity of phrases that use of and for. Of comes from Old English. For also comes from Old English. Yet another interesting truth about for Charlton Home is that it is also made use of as iniguez reversible sectional a conjunction.

What does Of mean?

Of is a preposition that may well imply relating to or pertaining to. It can also be made use of for distance, origin, and lead to. It just signifies a relationship between two objects. Look at the examples offered under.

• There are a lot of young children attending church choir currently.

• I took a candid picture of you.

• Our dog died of cancer.

Now, have a appear at the following sentences that are created employing phrases that use of.

Be of

(Possess intrinsically give rise to)

This journey is of excellent opportunity and expertise.

Of all

(Denoting the least likely or expected instance)

Sylvia, of all the girls, came to the wedding of her buddy.

What does For mean?

For, on the other hand, implies over a period such as hours, years and days. It also can be utilised as a preposition of distance and objective. Examples of for as a preposition are offered beneath.

• I have not observed my brother for 18 years now.

• I have walked for a couple of hours.

• Johnny went to the medical doctor for his checkup.

As a conjunction ‘for’ can be used in the following manner.

He rose early for he wanted to see his father coming residence.

Difference Between Of and For in English Grammar

What is the distinction among Of and For?

Of is a preposition that is used to mean pertains to, iniguez reversible sectional whilst for is a preposition of time. Both are typically made use of as prepositions that link subjects or objects together in a sentence. Preposition of may possibly be utilised for direction or distance preposition for can be utilized for distance and objective. Of can be applied in a common or broader sense while for is distinct. For instance: “A president will die for his nation.” This sentence is particular that the president will die to shield the country. “He died of cancer.” This sentence implies that he died due to the fact of cancer, practically nothing specific.


Of Charlton Home vs For

• Of is a preposition of distance, origin, path and lead to even though for is a preposition of time, distance and purpose.

• Of is used in a common or broader iniguez reversible sectional sense though for iniguez reversible sectional is distinct.

Finding out to use the words of and for in a sentence will really aid you in mastering the correct usage of prepositions. Despite the fact that they are simple and pretty prevalent, it is always an advantage to know what every signifies.

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