I know it’s acquiring a bit chilly for such a summery post, so I’ll dedicate this Jungalicious/Jungalow post to our Australian, and Brazilian readers…I know there are a few of you out there! (It’s also a superior excuse for why I’m posting at mid-night!)

The Jungalicious Fit:
-Jumper (whose correct colour is white with a gorgeous clemons standard sofa lavender) is via Cloud Nine Vintage
-The clogs are Hasbeens (duh) discovered here
-The wooden bracelet from here
-And the rattan-like bag is by Coach ($249)

The Jungalow Area:
Image by means of somehwhere in the lovely Vibrant Bazaar

If you could pick a single syle for a room and an outfit, what would it be?  I’d go jungalow Brayden Studio all the way– but runners up?  Mod &  Moroccan mint! How about you?

Thanks / Obrigado!

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