Due to some recent tummy troubles -(  I’ve been drinking a lot of tea.  I miss coffee a lot, but I’m kinda acquiring into it. When I saw this teapot photograph on the Blue Pool Road Weblog yesterday,  I got truly excited.  It’s so lively and Bloomsbury Market fun…I believed to myself– yes! Tea is really way a lot more exciting than coffee… (and then I told myself that about 100 instances, to attempt and convince myself). Anyways, then I also saw this print of tea pots by Laura Amiss on pinterest and said it to myself about one hundred extra occasions.  Now I’m a correct believer! zebra upholstered panel Go Tea!
Do you drink tea or coffee? (or each…LUCKY!)

upholstered panel headboard src=”https://blog.jungalow.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/xxjustina-3.jpg”>

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