Great Morning all! Waking up currently with a significant smile on my face due to the fact there are two Three new shelter magazines out! I was the DIY editor at Venus Zine for a couple of years and magazines are a large passion of mine.  I’ve been obsessed ever since my sis Faith and I would fight over concerns of Seventeen when I was 11 and she was 13.
When so many good magazines started to fold a couple froehlich upholstered wingback of years ago (Blueprint, Domino…)  it felt like a major component of my month-to-month pleasure had vanished into thin air. So this morning when I got to check out the brand new issue of Rue (before I even had my coffee) I felt a lot of froehlich upholstered wingback joy.  It’s a really stunning publication.
I’m also extremely excited to check out the new August Grove magazine Anthology (it’s a PRINT mag!) And with a inventive powerhouse behind it like Meg Mateo Ilasco, it’s certain to fab. And speaking of Meg, I will be headed over to Urbanic on the West Side this evening for the LA release of Creative INC. by Mateo Ilasco, and one of my preferred bloggers, Joy Cho of Oh Joy!

So perhaps I’ll see you there? I’m the 1 with the afro whose hands will be juggling wine + all kinds of books and magazines!

THIS JUST IN: There is also yet another on upholstered wingback headboard the net mag that was just released, referred to as Common. There tagline is “green is a typical, not upholstered wingback headboard a style” – it’s worth a click.

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