Google Television and Apple Television patriotic flying paper are nothing at all but a type of a set top rated box that adds on extra options to Tv. Apple Tv has limited its functionality to couple of additional streaming characteristics on Tv. Google Tv was utilizing its Android operating system to make the Television a computing device.

Google Television was created flying paper dinner with the intention of converting your Tv in to an additional computer, whereas, Apple Television was designed to be a single interface unit to the Television alternatively of having diverse gadgets connected to your Television for diverse Amscan purposes, such as cable Television, DVR and gaming console. In addition it has few extra streaming functions. To place it simply Apple Tv makes your normal Tv world wide web enabled but not as a completely fledged internet device. It comes as a plug and play device.

Google Television was using its Android operating method to make the Television a computing device. It’s not just a set best box but Amscan a platform powered by Intel Atom processor. With Google Television you can browse, and access Application store for music, gaming, Video on demand. The tv, pc, patriotic flying paper gaming and internet all are incorporated in to one expandable platform.

Google also went 1 step ahead and partnering with Tv manufactures to incorporate this platform in to the Tv. So that in future Tv sets you don’t have to invest in Google box separately.

The only similarity is that each Apple Television and Google Television permit new contents to be streamed to the Tv but the idea behind introducing Apple Tv and Google Television are different.

What Apple Tv offer

  • Access to Apple iTunes shop and download contents
  • Watch YouTube videos on Television
  • Share images with
  • Apple Tv does not help Netflix and Hula
  • Single microUSB port
  • Supports HDMI
  • Wi-fi 802.11/a/b/g/n

What Google Tv provide

  • Access web in Tv for free
  • Built in Google chrome browser with Adobe Flash Player ten.1
  • Google maps
  • Favourite web sites, Picasa images, flying paper dinner YouTube and other Amscan internet videos on the massive screen
  • Access to third party applications
  • Access to the vast flying paper dinner quantity of Droid applications in the industry
  • Set prime box can be made use of as a DVR
  • Browse or open an app whilst watching Television
  • Telephone as the remote handle – your Android telephone or Amscan iPhone can be employed to control your Google Tv in spot of a remote control. Even multiple phones can be employed to manage the identical Television.
  • Voice manage – You also can use your voice to search on the paper dinner plate similar screen
  • Supports HDMI
  • Wi-fi 802.11/a/b/g/n

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